2018 Providence Players Pass
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The cost of a 2018 Players Pass is $399.00
The benefits and savings combined make this a "can't lose" decision for you
As a Players Pass Holder you receive...
* 1st Round Free, a $62.00 value
* Next 8 Rounds, $7.00 discount per round, a $56.00 value
* Round 9 Free, a $62.00 value
* Rounds 10-17, $7.00 discount per round, a $56.00 value
* Round 18 Free, a $62.00 value
* 2016 VSGA Handicap, a $55.00 value
* Free range balls (small bucket when you play), a $60.00 value

After 18 rounds, you will have saved $413.00 and your 2018 Players Pass more than pays for itself.

ONLY $375.00

The best part is that your savings continue to rack up each time you play Providence and I almost forgot to mention that if you bring one guest with you, we will give them the $7.00 per round discount as well! So get your 2016 Providence Players Pass and start saving today!
* Players Pass rates are based on regular rates, discounts do not apply with other offers or special promotions.

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2018 Providence Players Pass

Price: $399.00
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